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Human Encoders - We Encode To Earn A Living - http://www.HumanEncoders.Nabaza.com - by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us - News: [HumanEncoders.Nabaza.com] $$PAYDAY$$ - JULY 31, 2018 and other updates, 2 months anniversary, incoming new captchas
Human Encoders - We Encode To Earn A Living - http://www.HumanEncoders.Nabaza.com - by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us

[HumanEncoders.Nabaza.com] $$PAYDAY$$ - JULY 31, 2018 and other updates, 2 months anniversary, incoming new captchas

NewsHello Ever Dearest Human Encoder [Firstname]

Here's Weblord again your Human Encoder doing the
report for you and updating you whenever I can
squeeze it out of my tight schedule.

Busy week for me, implementing new search method
on all 35 dating websites below as you can see and
also new features/advantages as free members
upgrade their account to a premium account.

FREE 15,000 XRP0
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3 Kings Gym: Gym for Lovers. When you go to a gym,
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Hello everyone,

This is William Nabaza or Weblord from the
Philippines you have called in the 1990's now I'm
back, as Weblord and have recreated cashsurf.us as
Trex.Nabaza.com - http://trex.nabaza.com/?ref=1
Please just go there and register another account.
This is the same autosurf for cash but with a
little twist, it's now surf for bitcoins.

If you're in a hurry, and don't want to read
anymore, just signup here

Here's the following features of Trex.Nabaza.com:

Initial Share Bonus: 1 = 1 x $0.0000005 share
Surf Refresh Time: 30 seconds - I see autosurf
with longer surf time
Cash Bonus: Surf 100 websites first
Contest Cash Bonus: 0.0000005
Share Amount: 0.0000005
Maximum Shares: 10
Inactivity Time Limit: 10 days
Number of sites to surf: 100 websites before a
user can receive signup bonus
Validation of website: You can validate your own
website as long as it's according to terms
Free member Maximum Credit per day: 50 credits
Upgraded member Maximum Credit per day: 100
Free member Daily ROI: 1%
Upgraded member Daily ROI: 2%
Site stats for both free and paid member will not
be deleted.
Weekly email: Receive your weekly detailed stats

and about the autosurf:

Welcome to Trex.Nabaza.com - Trex Dinosaur Traffic

Let your website(s) receive that Trex dinousaur of
a traffic. When you join here, everyone is given
time to browse the website for 30 seconds and I
know you see longer than that, but anyways, so
that members can get familiarize with the website
and if a member is faster, they can signup for an
account with the browsed website since you can
pause your surfing.

Our Advantage:

Our goal is contact leads, increased membership
for every member's websites, leads, and even
sales. I am both an owner of a website and a
surfer too, both manual and autosurf traffic
exchangers, and I don't want robots but human
beings surfing and browsing each another's
websites. Since most of us in the business world
don't have time to click even, this is the
solution to your traffic needs - autosurf money
earner and traffic earner in one. So see you all
from the inside!

Come and see the insides of it:


I'm still cleaning the cobwebs from it and some
buttons are not yet there, still in the making.
Might want to help me create buttons for it.

Have you thought about starting a Patreon page?
You definitely should!

Every month, I get a regular source of income from
supporters who've pledged to me through Patreon.
Having their ongoing support means I spend less
time thinking about business, and more time


$$PAYDAY$$ - JULY 31, 2018

It's our second month paying away in bitcoins for
those who are not so lazy people who type and
encode captchas and solving puzzles all night
long, day and night. The payments of bitcoins
goes to the following people: luis, corazoom, and
alfredtayo. Congratulations to you 3 people:
tireless people and I have also added additional
1000HeP$ to your accounts as a token of


You can now work on recaptchas, solvemedias or
puzzles accessing one page. You need to be logged
in to do this.
Login first, then for example, you need to do the
Just do this
make sure it greets your username on top left.

So goes with the others
Rain Captcha

Google Recaptcha


Web Mine Pool


So indeed these new innovations, you can type as
many as you want and making your work faster and
much more simpler. You just go to the main website
to read news and be updated as well.


It's our two months anniversary now and we are so
glad we finally made it for two months so more
adventures in the coming months. I will be doing
an app or .apk that allows you to encode single
captchas via app but it will not be appreciated by
other people but only those who are a member of
Human Encoders. Quite a big project for me I
should say, can't find the time to do it for now,
maybe later.


I'm not sure if I'm able to implement this as easy
as the others since I don't have much time, but it
needs a deeper study. I might or might not
implement it, depending on it's complexeties and
time of reply or how fast the customer support
really is.

Sincerely yours,

William R. Nabaza


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