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Human Encoders - We Encode To Earn A Living - http://www.HumanEncoders.Nabaza.com - by: William R. Nabaza of www.Nabaza.com and www.NameHost.us [HUMANENCODERS.NABAZA.COM] Removed The Pop-Under and Added Games/Free Ebooks
Posted by admin-weblord on June 07 2018 16:20:57
Hello there fellow Human Encoders,

This is your Human Encoder Weblord speaking,

I'm updating you for a couple of new things on http://HumanEncoders.Nabaza.com.

I have removed the pop-under since it's kinda annoying and I can't continue my encoding since I'm also encoding at times to fulfill the required inventory of the clients.

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Extended News
I have added games and free ebooks available in the Philippines so you can download them and learn from them.

This Week's Top Trending eBook:
=> Career Development All-in-One For Dummies FREE For a Limited Time

All of us needed a career boost one way or another, so it's all for you for free ready for download when you click on Free Ebooks.

You can find all updates in the News when you login.

When you click on 300+ Flash Games, it will give you these games but it will be one at a time, randomly unfortunately so you can't save your favorite game. But the good thing about this is you can play while waiting in line, while at the bus, since our website is also mobile-friendly. I saw someone talking about browsing our website using iPhone wow, didn't know that it also works there.

Planning to create an android version, but still waiting for your votes on the member's poll if I will push through with it or not.

Also WebMinePool is down during this weekend, and he just advised me so late but still updated you about it.

I'm looking for moderators these are volunteers to moderate the website while I'm offline. Sorry no salary for this one and you might lose your work as well since I want a moderator that will look for the website, invite people to register and become active and install some modules and extensions for the website to improve it.

Ok, that's about it. I'm on my way to work on my other websites..

So always be human and not become a robot.

Sincerely Yours,

William R. Nabaza
13 Arcontica Village,
Dasmarinas, Cavite 4114

** If you want these updates via newsletter, just reply back so I know so I will remove you from the mailing list but still your membership is intact. Thanks again for being active.